2021 Draft Schedule

2021 DRAFT Schedule Published March 29th 2021

Draft Schedule

Last Updated: 29th March 2021

PLEASE NOTE: NZSSSO is a day course NOT a residential course. It is your /your caregivers responsibility to find accommodation, however if you have any problems with this please do contact us for suggestions.

VENUE: Charles Luney Auditorium (CLA) – St Margaret’s College, Christchurch

Mon 19th April
9:00Report to the CLA Foyer & Sign In at Registration Desk
9:30Full Orchestra
11:00Morning Tea
11:30Full Orchestra
3:10Afternoon Tea
5:00Pick Up
Tue 20th April
9:15Sign In at the CLA Foyer
9:30Full Orchestra
11:00Morning Tea
11:20Full Orchestra
2:45Full Orchestra
4:00Afternoon Tea (finish for non-concerto players)
4:15Concerto Orchestra (no soloist)
5:30Pick Up
Wed 21st April
9:15Sign In at the CLA Foyer
9:30Sectionals Indiv. Strings/ Combined Wind & Brass/ Percussion)
11:00Morning Tea
11:20Social Activity
1:45Full Orchestra
3:30Afternoon Tea (finish for non-concerto players)
4:00Concerto Orchestra
5:30Pick Up
Thu 22nd April
9:15Sign In at the CLA Foyer for Concerto orchestra only – late start for others
9:30Concerto Orchestra with soloist
11:00Morning Tea
11:20Full Orchestra
2:00Full Orchestra
3:40Afternoon Tea
4:00Sectionals Indiv. Strings / Combined Wind & Brass/ Percussion
5:30Pick Up
Fri 23rd April
9:15Sign In at the CLA Foyer
9:30Full Orchestra
11:00Morning Tea
11:20Full Orchestra
2:00Full Orchestra – Dress Rehearsal
3:30Afternoon Tea
5:00Notes for Notes Concert (in blacks)
6:00Pick Up
Sat 4th April
9:45Sign In at the CLA Foyer
10:00Concerto Orchestra with soloist – late start for others
11:30Morning Tea and Sign In for rest of orchestra – CLA Foyer
12:00Full Dress Rehearsal – Everyone (not in blacks)
1:30Pick Up
6:15Report to CLA
7:00NZSSSO 2021 Performance – (in concert dress)
10:30Pick Up